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Thanks Alexis for Supporting Swim Strong! Donate Now!

Posted on Join me for my swim around Manhattan And stop the drowning My name is Alexis Puhan. My passion for swimming started on a hot July day in 1992. I crossed lake Zurich, a less than a mile swim. It felt really long! This experience must have switched on the “long distance swim button” inside me. Ever since, swimming got more regular and distances longer. The ultimate dream has always been to swim around Manhattan. I am super excited to finally do [...]


Swim Strong Foundation provides free swimming lesson @ NEWS 12

Our Water Safety Awareness Week began at Bushwick High School on Monday ! There were more than 40 children and adults learning about water safety through our Know Before You Go presentation; CPR training by the FDNY and jumping into the water to enjoy their FREE swim lesson! Swim Strong is taking the lead to raise awareness about water safety education to ensure that every child and every adult in the New Metro area has the tools they need to exercise good [...]