Know Before You Go!®

Know Before You Go!

Know Before You Go! is an essential water safety education series tailored to a variety of age groups and group sizes that can be delivered in person, remotely, or in a hybrid fashion with the help of digital platforms like Google Classroom and Zoom. 

This series focuses on the life-threatening risks associated with different bodies of water, from inside our homes to lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Whether you know a lot about water safety or very little, you will be challenged to think about water in a very different way.  Our goal is to give you the knowledge to make decisions that will keep you safe in, on and around water.

Topics Covered:

  • Drowning Facts and Statistics
  • Foundational Water Safety Tips
  • Natural Elements of Different Bodies of Water: Pools, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, and the Ocean
  • Dangers of Rip Currents: What Causes Them, How to Identify Them, and How to Navigate Them Safely
  • Safety at Water Parks and While Boating
  • Seasonal Dangers of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Ice, and Flooding


Educational Videos Available for Families/Individuals:

Know Before You Go!™, Water Safety For All is a 43-minute video intended for individuals and families. This includes resources to lead parents in a “deeper dive” into each topic. There are additional resources to help parents explain these concepts to younger children ages 3–7 and can be adapted for students with special needs.  Price $39.99

Know Before You Go!®

Water Safety For All

A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim by Black, British hip hop artist Ed Accura. In this mini documentary, Ed explores the reasons why communities of color typically do not embrace swimming, with a goal of changing that reality. Through the main character’s personal anxiety around swimming, viewers are encouraged to face their own fears. This video is included with additional resources including our water safety educational programming.  Price:$45

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+Know Before You Go!®, Water Safety for ALL

Educational Videos Available for Schools/Groups:
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Know Before You Go!®  The Curriculum is intended for school settings and contains separate programming for Pre K-Grade2; Grades 3–7 and Grades 8–12. For grades 3-12 it includes a pre and post test, informative slideshows, activities, mini quizzes, and a Teacher’s Guide with additional resources to more deeply explore each topic. Plus age-appropriate STEM-based exercises which connect the physics of swimming to the skill of swimming.

Know Before You Go!, A Conversation About Water Safety is a 50-minute video that can be viewed with (speaker’s notes included) or without facilitation. It is intended for group settings (swim teams; employee lunch and learns, civic meetings, church groups, after-school programming, camps, etc.). To accommodate group discussion and/or sharing of experiences there is a pause built in between each topic.   Click here to watch the preview.