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Get Ready, Get Wet

Build comfort and confidence in preparation for actual swim instruction. These classes introduce new swimmers to the water. Children as young as 3 years old can participate if an adult family member joins them in the water.

Know Before You Go!™ is an essential water safety education series tailored to a variety of age groups and group sizes that can be delivered in person, remotely, or in a hybrid fashion with the help of digital platforms like Google Classroom and Zoom.

This series focuses on the life-threatening risks associated with different bodies of water, from inside our homes to lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Whether you know a lot about water safety or very little, you will be challenged to think about water in a very different way.  Our goal is to give you the knowledge to make decisions that will keep you safe in, on and around water.

Topics Covered: Drowning Facts and Statistics

  • Foundational Water Safety Tips
  • Natural Elements of Different Bodies of Water: Pools, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, and the Ocean
  • Dangers of Rip Currents: What Causes Them, How to Identify Them, and How to Navigate Them Safely
  • Safety at Water Parks and While Boating
  • Seasonal Dangers of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Ice, and Flooding

Learn to Swim

Learn proper breathing and streamlining techniques. For individuals who haven’t had swim lessons but are comfortable in the water. Swimmers must be a mature 6 years of age or older, able to stand in 4’5″ of water, and capable of taking direction from an instructor independent from their parents.

Competitive Stroke Enhancement

Learn skills in preparation for joining a competitive team. For swimmers who have good freestyle and backstroke but want to learn breaststroke, butterfly, starts and turns. Alternatively an advanced class is available for swimmers who are already on a swim team but need to refine their technique. The advanced class is appropriate for triathletes, competitive swimmers, and water sport clinic participants.

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15 Anniversary

15th Anniversary

Swim Strong Foundation was founded 15 years ago with one mission to reduce unintended death due to drowning and water-based accidents by providing life-saving swimming and water-safety skills to all children and families regardless of their ability to pay. Learn about our past accomplisments upcoming events and how to support.





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Support community-based swim programs that guide children and their families toward healthy lifestyles through exercise and competition.

Provide financial assistance to ensure children and their families have access to swim lessons.

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