Swim Strong Foundation Recognized by USA Swimming for Dry Side Water Safety Educational Series

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Swim Strong Foundation Recognized by USA Swimming for Dry Side Water Safety Educational Series

Swim Strong Foundation Recognized by USA Swimming for  Dry Side Water Safety Educational Series

Know Before You Go™! introduces water safety skills to all

NEW YORK, NY… USA Swimming Foundation honors Swim Strong Foundation as one of three national Make a Splash Heroes.  These Heroes have made sure water safety education is available to all members of their communities despite economic hardship, inaccessibility to pools or other challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each honoree will receive $5,000 from longtime USA Swimming partner Phillips 66 to continue their lifesaving work.

Swim Strong Foundation has released a series of dry side water safety programs, “Know Before You Go™!” These programs feature topics including drowning statistics, foundational tips, hazardous conditions present in different bodies of water, boating safety, waterpark safety, and the dangers of extreme seasonal weather events involving water.

The Curriculum will teach children from pre-k to 12th grade about essential water safety skills in a classroom or an online setting. Through the exploration of these topics, students will be able to understand the fundamentals of water safety without getting in a pool. While many of these programs have been created with children in mind, anyone can benefit from learning how to be safer around water.

 The Curriculum includes a pre-test, a post-test, educational activities, and illustrative slideshows. Older children will also delve into STEM-based assignments that explain the physics behind swimming skills. The teacher’s guide supplies educators with additional resources to allow a deeper dive into each topic.

“The world is becoming much more watery, and we need a different relationship with the water,” said Swim Strong’s Founder, Shawn Slevin. “The understanding of water safety should be as instinctive to us as buckling up when we enter an automobile.  Both can save our lives.”

We have programming for groups, A Conversation About Water Safety, and two programs which may be purchased through the website for individuals and or families, Water Safety For All and A Social Justice Call To Action.

To learn more about the water safety series, visit https://www.swimstrongfoundation.org/know-before-you-go/   To purchase A Conversation About Water Safety and The Curriculum, contact Shawn.Slevin@SwimStrongFoundation.org.

 About Swim Strong Foundation: Swim Strong Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce unintended drowning and water-based accidents by initiating legislation, developing educational programs addressing water safety and teaching strong swimming skills. Since 2006, we have taught more than10,000 people how to swim, given more than $1 million in free swim lessons and taught more than7500 people about water safety. Swim for safety, health, recreation/competition and economic opportunities. Not one more drowning!




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