Swim Strong Discusses Water Safety on “Meet The Expert” Podcast

I was delighted to be the guest on Bruce Hurwitz’s “Meet the Expert” podcast where we spoke about the importance of water safety. Bruce has a career as an executive recruiter, career counselor and speech writer so he knows how to ask questions and get at the heart of the matter. Thank you Bruce for shining the light in this critical, but so often overlooked issue. Here’s The Link:    Fundraising Alert! We have raised $400 to date and need 105 supporters to donate $20...

Swim Strong Presents: “A Conversation about Water Safety” (Preview)

Did you know that every 70 seconds a person dies due to drowning? That for every death, 5 more people are suffering brain and spinal cord life changing injuries? Did you know that drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death globally??? But it doesn’t need to be this way. 95% of drowning and water based accidents are PREVENTABLE! Join Swim Strong Foundation for “A Conversation About Water Safety”. Contact  to discuss bringing this program and others to your school and community.   Preview  

Molly Shares Her Quarantine Stretch Routine

Come and join Swim Strong's Social Media Ambassador, Molly Smith. Molly is on a swim team in Kansas City, MO.  She shares a number of exercises she does with her swim team, virtually, so she can stay limber and strong until they can get back to practice. These stretches work for ALL of us....swimmers, non swimmers, youth, adults. Flexibility is so important. Remember.....we are ALL in this, together!

Swim Strong in Africa

Come, share my wonderful adventure in East Africa!  I was drawn by a lifelong desire to participate in a photo safari….but that just scratched the surface. While there, I discovered that the African continent leads the world in drowning deaths at more than 20%.  That the ”hotspot” of drowning in Africa is at Lake Victoria, where every year more than 500 people die in its waters.  Not recreational swimmers….but people who made their livelihood on those waters. I was also able...

Lia Neal and Swim Strong Foundation Executive Director, Shawn Slevin’s conversation about her journey to become an Olympian

Join 2x Olympian Lia Neal as she speaks to Swim Strong Foundation Executive Director, Shawn Slevin about her journey to become an Olympian.   You will discover that it’s not just about being a great athlete; but about being the best person you can be along the way.   We hope you can incorporate some of Lia’s lessons into your lives and journeys. link:

Olympic Bootcamp Lia Neal’s drills podcast-full version

We received a lot of great feedback with regard to the Olympic Bootcamp Lia Neal led  and have decided to launch podcast which contains all of the drills she used during the clinic. The podcast is not only a great memento of the event, but the swimmers have a record of what they worked on and can continue to use these drills to strengthen their techniques on their own.  The cost is $19.99 and may be purchased here:

Olympic Bootcamp Lia Neal’s drills podcast-1

On Saturday, April 20th, 2019 2x Olympian, Lia Neal returned home to Brooklyn to pay her skills forward. Partnering with Swim Strong Foundation, she held a Freestyle Bootcamp. The event was a success, as demonstrated by the new skills learned by the participants.   See the introduction and first set of drills here: