Congratulations Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco | From Swim Strong Foundation

10 Years of Prevention Watch 10th Anniversary Video Swim Strong Foundation congratulates Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco for their 10 years of prevent drowning and to develop the education of children through the values of sport globally. Swim Strong is grateful to be one of the organizations supported. Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco, may you grow from strength to strength!!

Be SMART to be SAFE Around the Water

As Water Safety Professionals We Advocate That You Only Swim When A Life Guard is Present BUT If You Insist Upon Putting Yourself in Danger, Here Are Some Ways to Minimize Your Risk of Drowning and Injury. Can’t swim? Don’t go out! Know your limits and stay within them. Assume that your swim skills are less than you think in open water.    Swim with a buddy; preferably one that is more swim skilled than you are. Ask a person who is on...

Swim Strong: The Big Picture

Still don’t understand why Swim Strong Foundation is so adamant that we understand water safety from an environmental point of view?  That water safety be taught in our schools?  That ALL of us, swim skilled or not, understand water more deeply and in fact, develop a different relationship with the water?   View this 6 minute video to learn more.

Watch Video of Webinar + Auction Extended

Watch: 'Water Safety and Swimming Skills: The New Urgency, The New Opportunity' This Video Presents Swim Strong Foundation Mission as it Resonates with  our Allies in and out of the Water: Guest Panelists: Our panelists explored the competitive edge; mind/body connection; competing at collegiate and elite levels; diversity and inclusion; swimming skills and careers; swimming skills in a changing world and more. Time  Stamps for your Convenience ( You can click to any part of the webinar as you please, or watch the full...