Yes, We Have a Winner!!

Congratulations to Andrew M. for winning our holiday raffle! Andrew generously donated his winnings back to Swim Strong!! The raffle raised $5,800 and that means 310 students will receive “Know Before You Go®” training at no cost in the new year. Thank you to Andrew and ALL who participated in our holiday raffle  so that more students may receive this life saving program.  Together, we save lives!

Take the Plunge – Just do it!

  "Elite swimmer Matthew Austin Josa talks to us about how young athletes can return to the pool successfully after a Covid hiatus.    Matt started his company, Fearless Athlete, to combat the mental health epidemic in youth athletics.   According to the CDC 2021, 1 in 3 teenagers suffer from depression. Fearless Athlete provides faith based youth performance coaching. Inspiring athletes to break through mental/physical performance barriers." Take the Plunge - Just do it! Athletes! Is it your time to approach the 8 lane,...

Swim Strong: The Big Picture

Still don’t understand why Swim Strong Foundation is so adamant that we understand water safety from an environmental point of view?  That water safety be taught in our schools?  That ALL of us, swim skilled or not, understand water more deeply and in fact, develop a different relationship with the water?   View this 6 minute video to learn more.


THE BENEFITS RESILIENCE BRINGS TO THE TABLE       Humanity is going through major challenges that have altered lifestyles dramatically with vast numbers experiencing restrictions including lockdowns. Countries are at various points of the Covid19 continuum creating a fractured world that doesn’t provide citizens with the levels of balance & certainty needed to feel they are in control. These factors are fertile ground for resilience to shine & make the journey through unknown times far more comfortable. Resilience...

Watch Video of Webinar + Auction Extended

Watch: 'Water Safety and Swimming Skills: The New Urgency, The New Opportunity' This Video Presents Swim Strong Foundation Mission as it Resonates with  our Allies in and out of the Water: Guest Panelists: Our panelists explored the competitive edge; mind/body connection; competing at collegiate and elite levels; diversity and inclusion; swimming skills and careers; swimming skills in a changing world and more. Time  Stamps for your Convenience ( You can click to any part of the webinar as you please, or watch the...

Swim Strong Foundation Instructor Alex Showcased on Diálogo Abierto’s Television Program

Thanks to Bronxnet TV and Diálogo Abierto for showcasing Swim Strong Foundation on its program!  Instructor Alex Escobar did us proud! Visit Site Shout out to Host Javier E. Gomez for his engaging questions and Producer Yesenia Ramos for spotlighting as much of the organization as possible.   As our world becomes ever more watery, we ALL need to understand water more deeply and develop a new relationship with it. Not one more drowning!  

Coach Paul Alerts Us to Losing Muscle Mass with Age and Suggests Ways to Minimize It

  SARCOPENIA – MUSCLE LOSS AS WE AGE with Guest Blogger Paul Barry We lose lean skeletal muscle mass as we age which can create serious issues for us as it is a major component for our movement. Numerous factors can create this situation, but the following are some of the common reasons: Medical conditions. Becoming bedridden. Poor genetic disposition. High numbers of diseases. Muscle tissue changes with age. Commencing a more sedentary lifestyle. Injuries that affect or impair movement capability. ...