15th Anniversary Celebration


Swim Strong Foundation: 15th Year Celebration

Swim Strong Foundation was founded 15 years ago with one mission to reduce unintended death due to drowning and water-based accidents by providing life-saving swimming and water-safety skills to all children and families regardless of their ability to pay.

To date we have taught more than 10,000 people how to swim; provided more than $1 million in free swim lessons to families in need; taught more than 10,000 people life-saving, award-winning, environmentally focused water safety education and we have initiated legislation to mandate the training of water safety in NY State schools grades K-12.

As a result of our effort, 238 school children joined competitive swim teams, 96 became junior instructors, 113 joined H.S. and college teams, and 212 became certified lifeguards. We are a conduit for first responder careers with 23 joining Fire, police, and EMT services and 41 joining the military.

In 2018, we also began teaching a dry-side curriculum on water safety, “Know Before You Go” which provides water safety education series that can be delivered to a variety of age groups. Through this program, we have provided educational programming to 10,875 students across the New York area. When the pandemic hit, we mobilized our resources to shift “Know Before You Go” to a virtual setting so we could continue to reach children with this life-saving curriculum.


Virtual Panel

Watch: 'Water Safety and Swimming Skills: The New Urgency, The New Opportunity' (Full Webinar)

Time  Stamps for your Convenience ( You can click to any part of the webinar as you please, or watch the full webinar below)

  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 13:13 Mind and Body & Swimming

  • 28:57 Barbara’s Introduction

  • 31:51 How to Increase Inclusion in Swimming

  • 48:16 State of Competitive Swimming & Future

  • 1:12:23 Overcoming Fear in Open Water

  • 1:13:44 Knowledge, Confidence, Ability & Swimming

  • 1:14:44 Common Mistakes of Aspiring Triathletes

  • 1:16:24 Lifeguard Warns Climate Change Dangers

  • 1:19:35 The Urgency of Water Safety

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