Swim Strong Foundation NEVER Uses Flotation Devices

Swim Strong Foundation is ahead of the curve. We NEVER teach swim skills with flotation devices of ANY kind! Referenced from Newsday No more Guppies and Polliwogs: YMCA revamps child swim courses Updated September 27, 2017 9:52 AM By Beth Whitehouse Billy Russo of East Northport gets a lesson from YMCA instructor Jill Graham. (Credit: Steve Pfost) Parents may notice that the YMCA of the U.S.A. — which has taught generations of children to swim at facilities nationwide — has updated its swim program methodology this fall for [...]


“Dip into Wellness” From Boating Times, Long Island

By Lita Smith-Mines From We get wet to clean up or cool off, but taking a plunge can transform us both mentally and physically. I’m not talking about some elaborate or exotic hydropathy for our health — everyday swimming is a powerful and positive change agent. Shawn Slevin, the founder of Swim Strong Foundation, spends her days preventing drownings by providing affordable water safety and swim skill programs. Along with saving lives, her mission is to increase the population’s overall health through swimming. [...]


How Swimming Fights Obesity

How Swimming Fights Obesity                                                      February 2016   Swimming is THE best cardio, pulmonary and skeletal exercise one can do. It gives you the best full body work out and it’s easy on the joints and more! Cardio exercises are those that use rhythmic motion using large muscle groups that increase the heart rate. Increasing the heart rate, raises the body temperature which in turn causes your body to burn calories. Combined with proper nutrition, swimming is an excellent exercise for people [...]