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Swim Strong teaches the proper techniques to prepare the student to be a strong, safe and competent swimmer. We want them to enjoy the sport for a lifetime. Some may want to become competitive swimmers – that’s great! We’d love to help them reach those goals…but students will progress at their own individual pace. We encourage them to learn all of the competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) so they can successfully try out for more competitive programs. We work with those who are in the very beginning level as well as those who are already competing but need stroke enhancement work to improve their performance. 

Swim Strong never uses floatation devices to teach swim skills. We believe that swimmers must learn to swim without external supports so they will rely on their own abilities and strength.

Our goal is to make swimming at all levels affordable.  We will charge for only three members of the immediate family (parents and dependent children) the other family members learn at no cost!  If taking classes with different costs, we will charge for the 3 most expensive classes.  If you are registering more than 3 family members, pls choose pay by check method and we will confirm the cost of the classes in a return email to you. 

Some of you may want to take multiple classes per week, instead of the typical one class we schedule.  Let us know that in the notes section of the order form and we will see if there is availability to offer that option to you.  At the competitive levels we can offer a discount for a 2nd/3rd class per week.  We can not offer a discount at the Get Ready/Get Wet or Learn to Swim levels due to the more personalized nature of those classes.

All classes are offered to children and adults.

Get Ready Get Wet: Build comfort and confidence in preparation for actual swim instruction. (30 Minutes)
The class introduces new swimmers to the water. Children as young as 3 years old can participate if an adult family member joins them in the water.

Learn to SwimLearn proper breathing and streamlining techniques.  (1 Hour)
For individuals who haven’t had swim lessons but are comfortable in the water. Swimmers must be a mature 6 years of age or older, able to stand in 4’5” of water, and capable of taking direction from an instructor independent from their parents.

Stroke Enhancement Program: Learn skills in preparation for joining a competitive team. (1.5-2.5 Hours)
For swimmers who have good freestyle and backstroke but want to learn breaststroke, butterfly, starts and turns. Ages: 8 and older.

Competitive ProgramImprove speed and stamina across all events.  (2-2.5 Hours)
For swimmers who are already on a swim team but need to refine their technique. The class is appropriate for triathletes, competitive swimmers, and water sport clinic participants. Ages: 8 and older.

Adaptive Program: Drowning is the leading cause of death for children with autism. But it doesn’t have to be.  Swim Strong provides water safety education and teaches the swimming skills that will help your child be safe, effective and confident in the water. Safety is our first priority. Our instructors are trained to work with each child individually in order to meet them where they are. They understand that every child is unique and are patient and able to provide different examples to help the students learn.  Reach out through the contact us tab to discuss your child’s specific need.

Lap Swim: Limited opportunity for continuous lap swim.  No instruction provided.  Meant for advanced and competitive level swimmers. Check with Shawn.Slevin@SwimStrongFoundation.org prior to registration.

Refund Policy: Refunds are not provided unless the student suffers a severe medical condition documented by physician.

Make-Ups: Make-ups are not provided to Get Ready/Get Wet, Adaptive and 1st level Learn to Swim students due to the personalized nature of those classes.   Students in more advanced classes may rake a make up at another location/time where they can be accommodated.  Check with your head coach.  Make-ups must be taken within the current session.


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    Thursday  11/21/2019   7:00 p.m

    Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

    Fellowship Hall – 348 Beach 71st Street – Arverne, NY – 11692



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    Isn’t it time to challenge YOUR thinking?

    Ed Accura is a black British man who after watching an upsetting news report on bad weather and flooding, develops an acute phobia with water. His anxiety with not being able to swim and irrational fears of drowning pushes him into buying a life jacket which he wears everywhere he goes. Ed is torn between his friends who try and encourage him to learn how to swim and society who dramatically dampen his confidence with stereotypes on black people and their inability to swim. The film combines acting with real interview footage of various members of the community voicing their thoughts on the subject.


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    Tue 4/30/2019 7:30 -9:00 p.m

    Church of God, Christian Academy

    1332 Central Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY   11691

  • BLACK’S CAN’T SWIM- St. John’s University

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    Challenge YOUR  thinking!

    Wed-Feb12th 10:40 am to 12:00 pm   Room 2-145 (St. Augustine Hall)

    St. John’s University (8000 Utopia Pkwy, Jamaica, NY 11439)