Merle the Mermaid To Swim 30 Kilometers (18.6411 Miles)

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Merle the Mermaid To Swim 30 Kilometers (18.6411 Miles)

Swim Strong Founder on Merle the Mermaid

More Information about Merle

Merle Liivand, born in Estonia, member of the Estonian National Swim Team, former Baltic States Champion, ice and open water swimmer, triathlete, entrepreneur, conservationist and yes, mermaid.

Also, friend and Guest Elite Coach to Swim Strong Foundation, where she has taught several breaststroke Bootcamps; much to the delight of our swimmers!

A video from her last Swim Strong Bootcamp:

I have come to know and admire Merle over the past several years as she developed her Viking Beauty Secrets brand and increasingly become interested in conservancy and the health of our oceans.   Her choice to compete in extreme cold water events and  long distance open water events has opened her eyes to the dramatic changes in oceans around the globe which have become warmer and more polluted.  In her own waters around Miami, you will often find her swimming with a tow bag full of plastic waste that she gathers to dispose of properly after her workout.    You can see more of this on her Instagram account:

Last October she swam 10KM with a mermaid tail, but the idea was to bring more awareness to microplastics that can end up in our mouths when swimming off beaches.   This April 17th she has decided to celebrate her 30th Birthday by attempting to set a Guinness Record by swimming  a 30K in open water using only her mermaid tail!

Please join me in wishing Merle a wonderful birthday and best wishes as she tries to break the Guinness Record!

Thank you.


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