Water Safety Awareness Day Celebration | Swim 1922 | Watch Videos Here

Watch What Happened at the Water Safety Day (Swim 1922) 2023 Below What Did I Miss?: Summary of Events 2022 to 2023 Introductory Remarks: Swim Strong Founder Remarks: Gifting Of Swimming Scholarships: On Social Action for Water Safety: City Council Member Gives Updates: Surfrider Foundation on Water Safety Bill: Rockaway Water Safety Coalition on Water Safety Bill: FDNY: Learn About "Be A Match": Learn About NYC Ferry: Learn About Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation:

Legislative Alert

Calling all New Yorkers, upstate and down,  to sign this petition to promote life saving water safety education in all our public schools Gk-12: Please complete this petition which will track to your local Assembly Member. Fill Out Petition | Click Here   Tell them you want this life saving programming in schools so that our children are prepared to safely navigate a much more watery world. Please share widely within the state. Thank you!!

City Locks in Lifeguard Pay Bump and Bonuses as Swim Task Force Explores Solutions

City Locks in Lifeguard Pay Bump and Bonuses as Swim Task Force Explores Solutions Katie Honan, The City This article was originally published on Mar 28 5:00am EDT by THE CITY A lifeguard keeps watch over swimmers during the reopening of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Aquatic Center, Feb. 27, 2023. | Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY Newer city lifeguards are getting a permanent raise — and all public pool and beach watchers could net an attendance bonus — as the Parks Department and a...

Congratulations Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco | From Swim Strong Foundation

10 Years of Prevention Watch 10th Anniversary Video Swim Strong Foundation congratulates Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco for their 10 years of prevent drowning and to develop the education of children through the values of sport globally. Swim Strong is grateful to be one of the organizations supported. Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco, may you grow from strength to strength!!

Keep Swimming | By Arthur Greenberg | For Shawn Slevin

I was born in the Bronx in 1931. I’ve been swimming at New York City beaches and pools since I was thirteen. I learned to swim at Starlight Pool in the Bronx and at Orchard Beach. For more than 30 years I swam at Asser Levi on 23rd Street, and now I swim at the 14th Street YMHA. I have been swimming all my life, and I was fortunate to learn so young. Starlight Park | Library of Congress Swimming saves lives...


HOMEOSTASIS – THE STATE OF EQUILIBRIUM   BIOLOGY – The Technical Version In biological terms, homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, & chemical conditions, in response to environmental changes, maintained by self-regulating processes in living systems being organisms including their organs or cells e.g. The kidneys maintain homeostasis in the body by regulating the amount of salt & water excreted. Homeostasis or maintaining a homeostatic state is the condition of optimal functioning for any organism & includes many variables, such as body...