NY SWIMS Initiative | January 5th 2024 Recap

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NY SWIMS Initiative | January 5th 2024 Recap

State of the State 2024

I was invited to attend the Governor’s announcement about the new NY SWIMS initiative on Friday.

The 30 minute presentation is here:

The next clip shows when Mayor Adams calls out Swim Strong! How cool is that?!?


This article will get you up to date on the Initiative:

Queens Daily Eagle Article

In terms of NY SWIMS initiative:

Governor acknowledges historic lack of aquatic infrastructure across the state and is adding $60 Million to her budget to:

  • build some pools;

  • bring in pop up pools;

  • create learn to swim and lifeguard training programs.

Am grateful to her for acknowledging the gap and beginning to close it.   How much of this funding will be designated for NYC remains to be seen.

Momentum is building.

Shawn Slevin, Swim Strong Foundation

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