Remote Consulting – Sport, Fitness, Health & Wellness

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Remote Consulting – Sport, Fitness, Health & Wellness

We are excited that Coach Paul Barry is now offering his elite coaching services virtually!  Coach Paul has been a great a friend to Swim Strong sharing his expertise with us from both  a physical and mental wellness point of view.  He is now willing to share that more directly with you on a personal basis!   See his offering here.

I have been a Blog Writer for Swim Strong Foundation in New York since 2014. My blog subjects cover a wide range of health, well-being, fitness & nutrition fields. During COVID I wrote a series of Blogs aimed to assist in coping with the challenges of the virus. Shawn Slevin suggested I share even more of my expertise developing the opportunity for more people to access the benefits of private coaching remotely.


Coaching is an option due to technology & amazing results are achievable for enhancing lifestyle, health, fitness, or athlete performance at any level. The overarching goal with Elite Athletes’ performance is enhancing physical, technical, energy systems & mental aspects etc. to create optimal performance more consistently. I have used this process since 2014 with Elite International athletes from USA, Dominican Republic & India. I have worked in Australia in person with Elite Athletes from England & Central Europe with all athletes being on their National Teams. Since 2008 I have been a Head Swim Coach at four clubs, but since 2017 my focus has been consulting.


My experience with athletes covers a variety of sports, but swimming is my passion. Australian swimmers I have consulted with have all been State or National Age Group level. Training is primarily in person but at times remotely. Most athletes have been Swimmers, but other sports include Triathlon, Marathon, Ironman, Multi-Discipline Racing & Mixed Martial Arts. While I can work successfully with athletes from any sport there are vast numbers of people seeking assistance to enhance their well-being. My motivation is to assist every person to the same high standards. My intention is always assisting people choosing to enhance themselves in any area. Focusing on this enables a natural flow to take place towards reaching goals.


                                                                       How I can “Add Value” to you!


  • My intention is creating an opportunity to work with an Elite Level Coach at competitive pricing.
  • My experience ranges from working with generic fitness, through to elite international athletes.
  • The range of services or combinations of services I offer is diverse.
  • I have abundant knowledge & a wide skill set across Sport, Fitness, Health & Wellness.
  • I have qualifications & vast knowledge across these aspects & many additional areas.
  • I create holistic programs with high specificity to your situation.
  • My programs use a system that is process focused.
  • My programs follow my mantra of working smarter not harder!
  • I am always available to clarify or discuss any issues by email or set-up a Skype call etc.


Major Functions available via Remote Consulting

  • Holistic Wellness which can include assisting your body systems to heal in a healthy & natural manner.
  • Nutritional advice & training plans that are specific to you & the goals you want to achieve.
  • Individualised Macronutrient Food Profiles based on training volumes, intensity, or other factors.
  • Personalized Training Plans for Pool, Gym, Recreational Space or Home specific to your goals.
  • Lower Kinetic Chain Development (Toes to top of Core) utilising gym resistance & dryland.
  • Strength & Conditioning Plans for Muscle Development, Enhancing Energy Systems, Body Toning etc.
  • Developing your Core to provide more Stability & Enhance your bodies efficiency in energy transfer.


                   Relevant Qualifications & Experience

  • Accredited Swimming Coach with Swimming Australia for 12 years.
  • Head Swimming Coach at 4 Swimming Clubs in the States of Queensland & New South Wales, Australia.
  • Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Australian Sports Commission for 7 years.
  • Australian National Certification in Advanced Nutrition Level 1.
  • Australian National Certification in Advanced Nutrition Level 2.
  • Australian National Certification in Athlete Sports Supplementation.
  • Australian National Certification in Massage. Swedish, Sports & Deep Tissue.
  • Consulting with International Athletes from 5 Countries who were on their National Team.


My Remote Consulting can cover sports, aerobic fitness, enhanced anaerobic performance, enhanced health & well-being, enhancing movement patterns, sports psychology & many other fields.

If you are interested in Remote Consulting send me an email. Include your name, age, what you are wanting to achieve, general goals, specific goals, a summary of your current situation including recent past e.g., no training, injured or training activity. I will respond with what is required to achieve your goals from your current situation including a general timeframe.

I will also set out my fees broken down into specific aspects. The major benefit of my working across multiple industries is that training or any required actions can complement each other. In many scenarios enhanced results above your stated goals can be achieved with the no extra input or the time to achieve your goals can be reduced thereby reducing your financial investment.

My intention is to provide a very high-quality customized service that is based around your specific requirements & goals at a very reasonable cost.

I am based on the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia. I primarily work in High-Performance Sport both as a Coach & Consultant. Please contact me by email:

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