Author - Shawn Slevin

Diabetes and Swimming for Exercise

by Vedana (Nani) Vaidhyanathan Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. It is the form where your body ignores the insulin you have created. Insulin is necessary for your cells to utilize the energy from the food you consume. Insulin takes that fuel into the cells. When the fuel builds up in the bloodstream (in the form of sugar) instead of going into cells two things can happen: first your cells may starve and secondly the high [...]


Swim-athon Challenge!

Join our marathon challenge and swim the equivalent laps of a 26.2 mile run. Raise awareness of Swim Strong’s work to STOP the drowning by providing affordable swim lessons and programs. All proceeds go to our scholarship fund. Please be generous in your support. Your donations save lives! When: October 1- December 14th Where: your own pool/workout site How: Every time you go to swim…count your laps. Submit them after each workout to: Check your progress by viewing: Ask [...]