Are Your Enrichment Days Life Saving?

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Are Your Enrichment Days Life Saving?

Greetings Educators,

I hope this message finds you well.   I am reaching out to help you deliver critical water safety training to your school community.


Why is this so important:

Understanding the nature and danger of water is more critical than ever as our water levels are rising over an inch per year and our waterfronts are being developed as never before in our lifetimes. This is making access to open water so much easier for many people who don’t understand the nature of that water, nor have the skills to safely navigate it.    “Know Before You Go” addresses these issues.  It is not about learning to swim…although we encourage everyone to take swimming lessons.  Whether you know how to swim or not; you must understand the dangers of the different types of water around us so you can make the decisions that will keep you and your family safe in and around water.   See this article:

We know the water is so beneficial to our physical and mental health and well being, it is natural for us to be drawn to it.   Due to the pandemic, our beaches remain closed and unguarded. We have already lost 4 lives due to drowning in the past 15 days!   Drowning is caused by four issues.  The lack of education as to the nature and danger of the environment; the lack of swimming skills; the lack of common sense and the lack of good judgement.  Swim Strong helps address the first two issues.  We look forward to sharing our educational materials with your teachers, students and their families!   See more here:

The curriculum:

The video you will purchase will feature me and 5 of Swim Strong’s former students who are now part of our instructional staff and attending college. It  will help the students and their families understand:

Definition of Drowning

Drowning Statistics

General Water Safety tips

Understand the nature and environment of these different bodies of water:  Pools, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers and Oceans

Dangers of RIP currents…what causes them; how to identify them and how to navigate safely out of them

Safety at Water Parks and while Boating.

Seasonal dangers of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Ice and Flooding.

The Cost:

We would normally charge $5.00 per student, but agree to discount that fee to a total of $1,000.00 for your school..

About Swim Strong Foundation:

Swim Strong Foundation, is a NYC based 501c3,not for profit with a mission to save and change lives through the teaching of water safety and swim skill education. To date we have taught more than 10,000 students how to swim and have given more than $1Million in free swim lessons to families in need.  In water we offer a number of special programs for ages 3 through Seniors, Learn to Swim through Competitive Coaching; Adaptive programming for those with special needs and programs for those interested in joining the military and Veterans.   Our water safety educational programming consists of “Know Before You Go” explaining the danger and nature of water everywhere we meet it.  This is suitable for children and adults.   “A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim” which addresses the stereo typical reasons why communities of color do not embrace swimming with the goal to change that dynamic. This film is suitable for adults.

Let’s provide our school community with the education they need to stay safe this Summer!     I do have a DoE Vendor number. If payment comes via the Parent Association, I can send you an invoice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shawn M. Slevin

1646 269-7897

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