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Thankyou Coach Paul for some good advise on how to manage through these challenging times.


To be Resilient in uncertain & unknown times a synergy of qualities is required. Although set out individually they are all intertwined & provide a holistic based resilience approach to life. When our actions, feelings, emotions & energy reflect true purpose the outcome is RESILIENCE.


PURPOSE Having purpose provides you with goals to work on & a healthy direction to travel in. Purpose is multi layered & is the glue that binds everything together to create strong resilience. A clear purpose provides a knowingness to follow when many other aspects of normality are unknown.


KNOWINGNESS This deals with the big picture of everything you know. It doesn’t include what you don’t know including what you don’t know you don’t know. The important factor is to focus your energy & time on what you know well. This will create a calm, smooth & steady daily routine. If possible, stay more in the present rather than the future.


ROUTINE Set routines provide stability & reassurance which are very important in times of crisis. Being able to feel & see you have control over many daily situations is important for our well-being. Currently routines where possible should have more flexibility & have targets, objectives & goals that allow us to function in a calm & relaxed manner.


GOALS To set goals we need to take time to contemplate, narrow down & be specific on what each goal is. It’s important they are achievable within a reasonable timeframe. Once identified work backwards from each goal noting all the steps needed. Then work on the first step/s & once achieved repeat that process. All actions work towards our overall purpose.


NUTRITION Our body systems require balanced nutrition. This includes whole foods & foods high in nutrient density. The quality of nutrition overrides the volume of nutrition. Nutrition includes everything we eat or drink so it’s important


SLEEP Our bodies have a natural rhythm & maintaining this is very important for optimal body function. Our Circadian Rhythm is a 24hr to have control around what you consume. Nutrition is the main input to our brain function & its performance. internal clock that runs in the background regulating our wake/sleep cycles. It’s very important to create routines that support sleep hygiene e.g. regular sleep habits, relaxing bedtime routine, exposure to natural light.   


TENACIOUS The trait, personality or attitude of tenaciousness is likely part of our genomes & partly evolved from life experience. Perseverance & stubborn determination are both markers of resilience. Focused determination is the engine room of tenacity. When used with balance this is a great skill & asset for people to have in their toolbox for life.


SUPPORT These are the relationships & social backbone of resilience. Our brains are hardwired with a fundamental desire to connect with others & to thrive as a species. Networks are built over time & for many it’s a comfort knowing people are there if needed. Additionally, being part of other people’s networks is great for your personal growth.



Our Guest Blogger is Paul Barry who is based in Brisbane Australia where he works as Coach & Consultant in High

Performance Sport. He can be contacted by email.



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