Words of Wisdom from Coach Andrea

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Words of Wisdom from Coach Andrea

The pandemic has been upon us for more than six months now. We have seen and participated in shut downs, lock downs, partial lock downs, quarantines, and various phases of re-opening. To say it has been a trying time for everyone is an understatement. Our individual health and well being is tested daily. I mean ALL parts of our existence: mental, physical, spiritual, social. These have been impacted in ways we may not see for some time. This means we have to work extra hard and make more of an effort than usual to improve and maintain our health and fitness, which is as critical as ever.

Starting the morning with positive habits really can set the tone for the rest of your day. I am a big fan of a morning meditation with the Insight Timer app. It is absolutely free with thousands of different options (music, talks, timed quiet meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques etc). After focused and calm meditation with deep relaxed breathing… getting moving gives you energy for the day. I walk, run, do yoga, or swim where and when I can. Youtube, even instagram has live workouts and is a great place to check out videos for exercise – all free !

Breakfast. Sounds cliché but we all know it can make your day better, and that it is the healthy way to start the day. I recently published an article in the Health Behavior and Policy Review on a breakfast program and its importance for children and parents both. We used breakfast to boost nutrition and to provide an opportunity for parents to meet and share. Making time for a healthy choice in the morning fuels the rest of the day. A link to the abstract is here https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/psp/hbpr/2020/00000007/00000003/art00009

Parents and teachers can see great nutrition education materials here https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/neighborhood-health/healthy-schools.page

Remember that our health and that of our families is as vital as ever, and should be attended to in every way possible. Stay connected with the people and the groups that move you, that are your community, even if in-person gatherings are halted. We are all tasked with innovating new ways of being, and doing the things that we love with people we care about.

Stay healthy and safe!

Andrea Levy is a public health professional and speech therapist working at the community level helping others lead healthier lives. She has a passion for health, fitness, the outdoors, and all things aquatic.

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