Breathing Meditation That Aids Greatly In Your Life Journey

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Breathing Meditation That Aids Greatly In Your Life Journey

Thanks to Coach Paul Barry for these breathing tips to help us manage our stress in these most challenging of times.


Many attempt to distance themselves or show no interest in an aspect often referred to as “new age.” Minimal research will confirm meditation practice dates back as far as 5000 BCE. Essentially, it’s more a lack of knowledge around meditation, its many beneficial properties & the qualities it can have on your life. In current times it’s more widely accepted, practiced & is very mainstream. This meditation is simply an awareness of your breath with key words for the In Breath & Out Breath at various times.

Whether your feeling is to try it out or simply want to jump right on due to current pressures being so stressful. You will experience & feel amazing changes reasonably quickly & it will continue to blossom each time you do the meditation. I have tried many forms previously. This is the only one that over time maintains you in the state you feel after meditating through to a point where its presence becomes part of who you are each day. The meditation is fairly easy & can be done many times a day with no set length of time. It works regardless of where you sit, how you sit or where you lie down. Choose what feels right or comfortable for you. Location can be anywhere you won’t be interrupted.


  1. Once comfortable the1st step is closing your eyes very slowly so you can feel your inner eyelid moving over your eyeball. This represents you closing off the outside world, it’s distractions & stress to spend quality time for you. It’s extremely healthy to spend quality time for ourselves as often as possible.


  1. Maintain an intention to focus on the tip of your nose for inbreath & outbreath. You will begin to feel like your breath is passing close to your nose tip. If possible, breathe through your nose.


  1. Simply be aware of inbreaths & outbreaths while focussing on the tip of your nose. When relaxed & ready we introduce to our inbreath an intention of breathing in Gently or breathing in with Gentleness at the commencement or during the Inbreath phase. Completely ignore the Outbreath.


  1. When you feel ready to change focus on the tip of your nose & do the same process & same words on your Outbreath. Completely ignore the Inbreath.


  1. Next maintain focus on the tip of your nose with intention to breathe In Gently & with Grace. Ignore Outbreath. Then ignore Inbreath. Outbreath intention is Gently & In Stillness. Ignore Inbreath. Whenever ready drop the Outbreath intention words & just allow your In & Out breaths to flow naturally.


  1. In this meditation simply allow yourself to guide you when to change breaths & the stages. Also, how often you use a word intention with a breath e.g. Gently on Inbreath every 2nd It makes no difference if you do it every breath, 2nd breath or 3rd breath. The importance is focus on tip of the nose, ignoring the breath you aren’t focussing on & the specific intention words for either In or Out Breaths.

Our Guest Blogger is Paul Barry who is based in Brisbane Australia where he works as Coach & Consultant in High Performance Sport. He can be contacted by email:

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