Pledge to Support Water Safety Globally | UN2023 Water Conference March 22-24

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United Nations Water Conference 2023 (March 22-24)

Water is the core of life.  The United Nations and it’s member countries, including the U.S. have identified  global water challenges.   We, as individuals, have a huge role to play to create a more sustainable world as it relates to water.

Shawn Slevin, of Swim Strong Foundation will be attending the UN2023 Water Conference March 22-24 to advocate for education to help us all understand water more broadly as it becomes a bigger part of our world through climate change.

#Sweat4Water Pledge

We know you LOVE the water and as such will more actively care for it; so it can care for us (stewardship, plastic reduction, conservation, etc).

Demonstrate that commitment by swimming miles (72 laps of 25 yd pool=1 mile) during the lead-up to the conference. Non swimmers, walk miles (20 city blocks =1 mile).

Wavemakers Partnership

Wavemakers United offers a variety of solutions to accelerate water actions. Besides our global event, the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge, we develop education programs, organize events and create awareness about water challenges. Furthermore, our community offers a variety of innovative ideas for partners to adopt in the marketplace of ideas.

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